I went to my sports med doctor this morning (I say “my” – I have been to her once before, but she is really great! Her focus is woman’s sports medicine) to figure out what is going on below my right ankle bone. It started hurting over Thanksgiving break, specifically when I ran 9 miles (in the cold, cold rain, though that has nothing to do with it) with Yarb in Dallas. After that, it started hurting and has continued to hurt. The pain is not acute, but rather will come on after a couple miles. And at Seals, turning right on it scared me a little. So I wanted to get it checked out.

My peroneal tendon is extremely inflamed. So I cannot run on grass, trails, uneven surfaces, hills, etc for 2 weeks. Which means Seals is definitley out. I will also need to ice it after I work out (indoors, on a treadmill or eliptical) / do yoga and also again at night. I have a felt thing I will have to wrap on my ankle for whenever I do workout indoors (but not when I do yoga). If, after 2 weeks, the swelling is gone, I can go back to Seals. If not, I will have to go to physical therapy. If, after 3 sessions of physical therapy, the swelling has not gone down, she says she will have to boot me. I hope it does not come to that. So this coming week, I will just do yogidy. After that, I will be on a cruise, so will use the eliptical / treadmill for the days I am on the boat.

I acutally don’t have cankles, but you certainly cannot tell by these photos….


The arrow is pointing to the inflamed area below my ankle bone. (The 1st photo is w/ flash, 2nd w/o)


Hehehe – my cankle looks HUGE!!! and my toes so small…


3 responses to “Cankle…

  1. Your blog will likely now be linked to a bunch of pervert sites. Nice.

  2. Cute pedi! Mom will be happy that you are doing more yogi!

  3. how is your ankle now?? yes, I’m very happy that you are doing more yoga, remember do’nt slouch, open your chest……..

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