To help make 2008 really GREAT, I am taking vitamins. LOTs and lots of vitamins. About $6 a day in vitamins.


These are all the pills I take each day. 15 total = 6 are multi, 2 are a mineral supplement, 3 are omega-3s, and the 4 little ones are folic acid. (I have issues with my homocysteine levels, so taking a lot of folic acid corrects that.)


This is how I like to break them up between my 3 meals.

All these pills are supposed to give me increased health and energy. I have also felt really full yesterday and today – not sure if that is because 1) I am eating a lot or 2) all those pills are keeping my belly full. I expected my pee to be really bright yellow, but it hasn’t, which is good as it means my body is absorbing all the vitamins and minerals. I was also expecting my belly to hurt a little bit or to maybe taste ’em when I burp, but that has not been the case. They are supposed to be very good, high end vitamins, all organic. Perhaps that is why… at any rate, I am doing all I can to help make 2008 greaaaaaaaaaat!


3 responses to “Supergirl

  1. Kudos little Tinger, Kudos!!

  2. That’s a lot of pills!

  3. They are pretty colors too – I’m sure that helps to also inspire you, the creative genius. 🙂

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