Computer Bag

Because we have a POS car (my little black SUV that we had to change the transmission on at less than 65K miles!), sometimes it doesn’t start and I have to drive Boom into work.  This is not a big deal, especially now that I am living a life of leisure.  However, when he gets out of the car to get his bag in the backseat – every time, WITHOUT fail – he will remind me that he has to get his bad out of the backseat so please do not drive off.  I have NEVER driven off before Boom has had the opportunity to get his bag out of the back seat, yet he  has to emphatically remind me not to every time I drop him off.

At this point, it is a little bit of a joke.  Sometimes when I am taking him in, he’ll ride to work with his bag jammed up at his legs or leave the front door open while he gets his bag in the back seat (actually, come to think of it, that is how it all started.  I asked him to shut the door and then he reminded me about his bag…).

I guess his fear of me driving off before he gets a chance to get his bag ranks up there with his fear of my coming down with carpel tunnel syndrome (see post below).


One response to “Computer Bag

  1. You guys are silly! Re: the layouts for each other – I was going to make you and mom just a 2 page layout for the Kachinskis in 2007. I don’t think you need a whole album!

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