Labor of (needlepoint) love

Gretty’s grandmother had needlepointed stocking for all her grandkids. Since her grandmother has since passed away, Gretty will be carrying on the tradition for her neices and nephews (of which she has 1 neice). She asked me to design a stocking – and I got into it Saturday night (I know, a wild and crazy Saturday night designing a needlepoint stocking)! I think it turned out pretty well! But I still need to hear if she has any additions or edits.

I did have a really cute elephant on it, but Boom made fun of me (“Oh, the old Christmas elephant”) so I took him out. It is sort of a modern design, but I think still very cute and can appeal to many people. We’ll see what the jury (Gretty) says.

Once we finalize the design, I’ll have to draw it onto needlepoint canvas and then paint it. Gretty will be doing the actual needlepointing.

I rather do enjoy designing needlepoint canvases, wonder if I could make mola doing so? Not sure how big the market it, but I do think there are more young people needlepointing and most of the designs available out there are old people designs. Whenever I do any needlepointing, I always design my own canvases. It is a time consuming activity, though, from design, to painting the canvas… a labor of love, I guess.


5 responses to “Labor of (needlepoint) love

  1. Stocking design looks great. Sorry to see the x-mas elephant did not make the cut. I think the 3 wise men rode elephants to visit the baby Jesus. So perfectly appropriate in my opinion.

  2. I think a Christmas elephant is a perfectly wonderful idea! Hee hee. You should look at Etsy to see what’s out there – I bet you create some things that are unique. The hardest part would be the marketing. You need more peeps to read your blog!

  3. the desigh is really cute, but it’s will take a lot of times and patients to do needlepoint..

    looks like ting is into cooking , good for you, it’s much better, healthwise, to have homemade food instead of ordering .

    Dad caught cold (or flu) for a few days now, he is pretty miserable but it will take a few more days to get over with it. You guys just be careful and dressing warmly,, don’t catch it..

    James is staying with us for now, dad is going to get him registered at UTA and may be take two-three classes..

  4. how is your ankle now?? yes, I’m very happy that you are doing more yoga, remember do’nt slouch, open your chest……..

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