My first meal from a slow cooker was quite delish, if I do say so myself! The chicken was so tender, it just fell off the bone. I was worried about the acorn squash (since it seemed really hard when I was cutting it) but it cooked up just right! and there ended up being a lot of liquid – much more than I put in.

moroccan1.jpg moroccan2.jpg

Here it is on our plates – before the Moroccan hot sauce…


This sauce was really good – garlicky, with hot pepper flakes. So gave a nice “heart warming” (as Boom said) feel.

I am very proud of myself – I literally was a cooking dervish this weekend. Most weekends we cook NOTHING, so this was a huge, vast improvement.  and it wasn’t that hard, just required some organization and planning.  We’ll see how long this kick lasts…


3 responses to “Success!

  1. When are you going to cook for me? That looks delicious!

  2. whenever you come to visit, I will certainly cook for you!!!!

  3. The Moroccan chicken stew wa most excellent and I am looking forward to left-overs later this week. Unfort. for all of us it gave little Tinger a case of moroccan toots. P.U.

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