Weekend cooking

Sunday, 1.6.08 ~ 3:45 p.m.

Yesterday, both Boom and I were a little hung over. We went to a new restaurant with a couple friend of ours on Friday. We got to the restaurant at 8pm and were not seated until around 1015pm. So for 2+ hours we were just drinking on an empty stomach. Not that I drank that much – south of 2 very full glasses of red wine, but I am a light weight these days.

So Saturday we weren’t feel too hot. We went to bfast / lunch with Gretty – so nice to see her and catch up! After that, we just lazed around at home. I felt like having chocolate chip cookies, but definitely did not feel like getting in my car and going to the grocery store to get the break and bakes. So I made them, FROM SCRATCH! I can’t remember the last time I made cookies from scratch – it really isn’t all that hard. Less than 10 ingredients and all of them common ingredients. The only tricky thing is the butter has to be softened. Honestly, though, the baking was driven by laziness.


Here they are all freshly baked! I love eating them when the choc chips are gooey! and I used half whole wheat flour, so they are a little bit good for us…


They are so pretty and homemade looking! and definitely not over cooked.


I stored most of them in this lovely MSE (Martha Stewart Everyday) glass container with pale green top. When I bought this from Kmart, I didn’t really need anymore storage, but I loved the pale green top so much, I got it anyway!


Here is a better photo of it. I love MSE – honestly that is the only reason I ever step foot into Kmart. The ones here are totally ghetto. There aren’t even any in Texas anymore! She does such a good job with colors and branding and curb appeal. I need to check out the new MS collection at Macy’s – but that stuff certainly won’t be a cheap as Kmart…

I also made a whole wheat pizza crust and made a fresh motz pizza with pepperoni for dinner last night. This, also, was b/c neither of us felt like driving to pick up take-out. I suppose we could have order Papa John’s pizza, but sometimes I feel sick after eating delivery pizza. It was pretty good – and fairly easy since the bread machine does all the work.


Right now my Morrocan chicken and veggie stew is in the crock pot for dindin tonight. I am not sure if it is going to turn out ok. I did follow all the directions, however I did add 2 chicken thighs (calls for 6, I put 8 in) but I added more liquid (2 cups instead of 1 3/4 cups) as I think I will need to cook it a little bit longer. I am worried b/c the liquid does not cover the chicken. and with “stew” in the title, it makes me wonder… oh well, we shall see…

All and all, lots of cooking this weekend! I am quite proud of myself 😉


3 responses to “Weekend cooking

  1. Looking good! I didn’t know you were such the chef! I’m liking the everyday photos you are taking!

  2. I hope the cookies are helping to fill the gingerbread cookie Starbucks void!

  3. It was a weekend of gluttony in the ole’ bresnahan abode. Tinger out did herself with feasts fit for vikings. I wish i had brought a few of her choc. chip cookies to work as I fear that they might get worked through pretty quickly while I am away. Of course I am speaking of Ruby’s appetite. She has a real sweet tooth and her appetite can not be satiated.

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