Starting Saturday around noon, DO NOT CALL OR TXT me!  Txts are going to cost me $0.25 each and calls are like $1.40 a minute!  I called Verizon to see if I could get on a cheaper plan for the week, but I was told mine was the cheapest available.


I am purchasing pre-paid minutes for my internet connection.  At least they have wireless!


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  1. omg! you are lucky. my cell phone is going to be $2.49/minute, even with the discounted plan, and .50 each for texts! T & K are on t-mobile, and they have it the worst – $4.99/min for calls!!!! So, just wanted you to know that it could be worse…..

    y’all don’t call me either though!! hehe 😉


  2. At least you will have internet! Keep up the blogging while you are gone!

  3. Have you seen this website:
    Go to it! I think it would be cool if we could do something like this…

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