On Friday I leave for Texas for my LCE (last cruise ever – thanks, Al, for the funny acronym) – it is Al’s bachlorette party cruise! My FCE (first cruise ever) was also with Al, for our friend Tiff’s bach party (that send-off was, evidently, not a good one as that marriage was short lived. but now Tiff is happily married ;-). I realized at that time that cruises are not my thing. I would rather be THERE instead of meandering on a very large vessel to get THERE. And the food situ kinda grosses me out, and I feel like the clientele is super cheesy (Al, of course, excluded).

But, since I love Al, I am, of course, happy to be going on my LCE! I am very excited to see her and spend some good quality time with her – and the other bridesmaids (although most of the other bmaids are Dallas / Dallas – type gals. I always feel under dressed, in a good way, when I am around them – and kinda crunchy and granola. Ya know what I think a lot of it is as well? They all like to stick together in a herd – not Al, but a lot of those girls seem to still need others at all times. I am not explaining myself very well – all I am saying is that I am not all that similar to many of Al’s other bmaids. For example, the other day I was reading Forbes and I was thinking – what would the other gals think if I brought this on the cruise with me? I won’t, since I have read the whole thing already…)

I am a little concerned whether or not I’ll readily be able to get ice for my ankle – I guess I will bring some ziploc bags and, worst case, I can get ice at meals. I also a a little worried about all my vitamins – I just need to remember to take all of them everyday! I think I will pack them by day – and then just carry them around with me at all times so that I will always have them with me at meals.

Today I was trying to sort out what I need to pack. Al sent me her packing list, which was a great help. However, I am not at my fightin’ weight (due to the tragedy), so I can’t bring a lot of what I might normally bring (and I realized how tight I used to wear my clothes – but I guess I was thin enough to pull it off!). So I am trying to purch a few things, but trying to get reasonably priced resort wear in Va at the beginning of Jan is proving to be difficult. And I say “resort wear” loosely – I actually don’t like wearing prints or dresses.

So what I have decided I need is white jeans and maybe a summery color (pale yellow / green / something like that) of pants. I have a white pair of pants that I will bring and plenty of stuff for the daytime. Too bad I don’t like dresses…. maybe I’ll try to branch out… I have to go to both big malls in this town tomorrow (exchange some Xmas gifts / buy a new iPod nano – my mini won’t keep a charge!) so I will see what I can see – and maybe try on some dresses (but probably not).


3 responses to “LCE

  1. I love ya babito. You are a hottie no matter what you wear so don’t sweat it too much. Go buy whatever you need clothes wise.

    You are a real wisenheimer with the last post update, but thanks for changing.


  2. too bad you can’t stop at h-town to say hi! I’d love to see ya and the bride-to-be!
    you should look at some empire waist tops – the one that gather right under the bust and then come out a little from there. they are very flattering, even when you are not at your fighting weight (although you still look fabulous and are probably still thinner than me – minus the boobage!). also i know boom hates tar-jay, but i was there yesterday and isaac mizhrahi (sp?) has some cute new stuff out. I got this cute blue tunic top and i think you would like it!

  3. 2 more days til your LCE!!!! I am so grateful that you are going, especially now that a certain someone bailed. With 6 of my BFs, it’s bound to be interesting at the very least! You are right, all of my friends are very different – each one brings different strengths and personalities to the table. I tell the ones that have not met you that you are my stable friend, who I can always count on to have a good head on her shoulders, who is fun to be around, and has a happy marriage. There are not enough of those types in the world!!!

    You can read anything you want – hey I’ll even give you my bridal mags if you are extremly bored – and you can boycott dresses to your heart’s content. 🙂 All that matters to me is that you are my friend for life and BM and that you are so wonderful to go on your LCE to celebrate my last days of being single!!!! (Only technically speaking of course, it’s not like the bride ever really gets to act “single” at her bachelorette party…..kind of an irony)

    Al 🙂

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