I am planning a new fund raiser for SCANBourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom.  It is killing me!  The planning was hard, but the execution has been really difficult.  Obviously with a fund raiser, the point is to raise funds.  So we don’t have much of a budget – luckily people have been very generous and I am so thankful for them.

And, of course, with any new event, there are bound to be some snags.  The first one is… the invitations are not out yet, and the event is less than a month away!!!  Second… our location has very stringent insurance requirements, so we are dealing with that right now (specifically for the band). Third… we started talking to caterers in DECEMBER – (how dumb are we?!  Note to self / chair of event next year – line up as much as you can, but definitely catering, BEFORE the holidays.) and still do not have a caterer secured.  Hopefully we will select a caterer today or tomorrow.

What we do have are…. street performers!  With an artsy university in the same city, it wasn’t too hard to fine ’em.  However, after meeting with the leader, I am a little bit afraid they might frighten the attendees.  He was SO into his masks and the what not.  ugh…

I know it will all come together, but the icing on the cake is I am headed out of town for 10 days on Friday morning.  So basically I have today and tomorrow to get as much done as possible.  I will have my laptop and mobile phone, but I am sure I won’t want to be dealing with  SCAN stuff when I am on the cruise.

I am so anxious I wasn’t able to sleep as long as I wanted – got up at 530am instead of 6am.  Mind was spinning.  I am so anxious I feel kinda jumpy, like I have had caffeine, which I have not.  Like I want to jump out of my skin… or that my skin is itchy, no not itchy, but uncomfortable… why won’t my printer call me back?!  ugh…


One response to “Ugh

  1. Ok, so I know very little about fundraising……but I know a LOT about that jumpy feeling and not being able to sleep at night!!!!!!!!!! I totally feel your pain. That has been happening to me for the last few weeks – I’m sure it has everything to do with my 7-page typed wedding to-do list that flies around in my head every night when I try to sleep, but I have been waking up for hours at a time, it is awful. And why won’t my florist, the caterer, and my make-up lady call me back?? Ohh I sooo feel your pain…….I feel like I am on crack ALL the time……

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