So I made it through my LCE (Last Cruise Ever) and it really was a lot of fun to be there with Al and spend more quality time with the other bridesmaids / house party (even though we were on ghetto Carnival).  So many funny things happened:

Al – “VIPs, VIPs, we are effing VIPs!”  You definately get the award for Best Sport Bachlorette!   Get those shoulders shrugging!  AND the Black Jack Tourney winner of $500!!!! 

Ash – D0uche was the word of the trip.  Can be used as a noun (“What a d0uche”) or adjective (“That was a d0uche hand” when playing blackjack and getting dealt bad cards) or verb (“They are d0uching” – as an answer to What the heck are they doing? and most everything else)  or adverb / pronoun (tho, since I don’t have a strong grasp of what these parts of speech are, I cannot give examples); and “We’re going down!”

Kim – OMG!  Loving Ash’s imitation of Amy Polander (sp?) of SNL imitating Britney Spears.  HI-larious; and the VIV – Very Important Vegan

Tiff – Flashbacks from my FCR (First Cruise Ever) – Don’t do it, Al.  At the STRIPES Club (the only one open!)

Kel – bringing c0ntraband onto the ship (aka helium tank); and her plethra of STUFF (3 enormous roll bags, 3 huge boxes, lots of Ed Hardy, etc)

SS – SS smiles, or cries.  But was a good sport.

Me – Ovaries out!

Good times were had by all.  Especially by Blow-Up Ben.  He had a rockin’ time on the cruise, and was famous after his first night out!!!  Literally, other passengers that we did not know were taking pics with him when he was sitting at the bar.  And for all the days after our first night out, everyone was asking about Ben. 

I will post photos soon, but won’t be able to put them all up until I get photos from my peeps in Tejas.


2 responses to “Back

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! We have been freezing our a$$e$ off here in Beaver Creek, but the snow has been great.

  2. I’m just now reading this – yaaaaay!!! Thanks for coming, and for the FABULOUS lingerie shower and bachelorette night out. Blow-up Ben is now famous!!! hehe 🙂 I am glad we have lots of fun memories and inside jokes from your LCE / my FALBTE! (First And Last Bachelorette Trip Ever!) See you in 2 weeks, at our wedding!!!!!!

    Al 🙂

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