I have been reading a bit – had some time when I was on the cruise…


Kim had this book – and it is all about being vegan.  After reading the small section they have on how animals are treated, I cried and cried.  I haven’t eaten any meat since.  I just can’t.  This book has me wanting to do more research and also read more about lots of subjects.  Which is good – I like it when books make you think, and then also make you want to take action (of any sort).

When Marm, Dad and I were at Costco, I also picked up their cookbook:


I will be making the veggie enchaladas this week and the vegan choc chips next week.

I am not sure that I can become vegan just yet, but I am willing to try to be a veg head (vegetarian) for now.  Hasn’t been too hard – and really, I haven’t missed anything too much.  But I did make chocolate chip cookies today (to use up the choc chips we currently have) and used eggs in ’em (to help use up the eggs we have).

I am undecided if I will eat eggs moving forward.  I do love them and can see how I might miss them.  Someday I’d like to have 2 hens in my back yard so I can gather eggs from them – keep them in a fenced in area where they can cluck about and have a small hen house for them to sleep in.  I think I will try to go to the farmers market on Thursdays to buy my eggs.  When Jojo and I were part of the organic farm share, the hens they had did have a small hen house, but were allowed to roam around as they wished.  As it should be…

I txted my friend Kandy to let her know I was becoming a veg head, and when she txted back wanted to know why, I replied  “Because I need a change” and really I think that is my main selfish reason why (along with various other more altruistic reasons).

Whilst roaming the book section at Costco, I also picked up the following:


I had heard a lot of buzz about this book and had been wanting to check it out, so I got it.   I finished it on the plane ride to CLT (to get home to VA) – and it was good.  Funny and amusing and brought up a lot of ideas that are interesting and that perhaps I can do a bit more research on…  At one point, it did bring tears to my eyes.  So I would recommend it.

And currently I am reading the following:


My great friend, Coco, loves this book.  She is really smart and intellectual and an ENGLISH major, so I have been intimidated by this book for some time (I think I got it around Thanksgiving 07).  But, since I had finished Eat, Pray, Love and my flight was delayed, I had no choice but to start reading.  And I am really liking it!  There is a family tree on one of the first pages (THANK GOODNESS!), and I keep having to refer back to it – I am bad with names and lots of the names are very similar or have other names within their names.

While I was away, Boom and I talked and he said something to the effect that he wanted to watch less TV and read more. I really hope he is sincere in that desire.  as I don’t have too much of an issue cutting out TV, and I would love for us to spend time next to each other reading.  Dorky, I know, but good, I think.


2 responses to “Books

  1. I really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love too. I’d seen it around for a long time and didn’t think I’d like it. She is a wonderful writer, very easy to read:)

  2. Joe is thinking about doing the vegetarian thing as well. I don’t think we can go totally vegan but I like the idea of not eating too much meat. Of course this won’t start until after the Ironman in April, but in the meantime I guess I should start buying more cruelty-free animal products. (So my li’l sis won’t have to cry anymore)

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