Fashion Week

Since Fashion Week 2008 is soon to be upon us, I thought I’d post my experience of Fashion Week 2007. It was AWESOME! I bid on Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors tickets in the fall of 2006 at the Richmond SPCA’s Fur Ball (their big fancy fundraiser). I took Yarb, as her Christmas gift – and we had a BLAST!
We were one of the lucky ones – you can’t BUY tickets to Fashion Week and we were going to be inside the famous tents at Bryan Park…
Our first show was Oscar de la Renta.
oscar-sign.jpg oscar-mass.jpg This was the mass chaos before the show started.
The models at the end of the show.
oscar-fashion-dude.jpg oscarbwjpg.jpg
Some famous people at the show…
And Oscar himself!
I’ve retrived the emails I sent from NYC to my friends post show:

today was the oscar de la renta show – it was just FABULOUS! so awesome! here is what (unfort, this website is no longer active) has to say:
Oscar de la Renta: He’s grasping 10021 between his magical fingers and he’s not letting go. For the society, this is THE show to score tickets to. The ladies will gasp, cheer and applaud at every look in a beautiful, privileged unison.
– and –
Right now, the real 10021 divas are gracing the front-row seats of both the Carolina and Oscar shows.
it was totally unreal – the whole experience! the paparatzi was there in full effect – barbara walterspiper perabo were the main famous peeps that we saw. the creative direcor of Elle was there as was the editor of Elle Decor. lots of socialites (i am assuming, since the photographers loved them and i didn’t recognize them!) and that was all before the show started!oscar’s evening wear was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i loved most all of his dresses! the models were sooo thin – and tall. the dresses were simple, classing and yet modern at the same time. lots of fur trim – gorgeous pinks and also black and a lovedly taupe dress with a tulle skirt. new trend – black hose / tights with everything!

i was literally sitting on the edge of my seat the entire show! it lasted around half an hour. our seats were pretty good – maybe 4 rows up – so definately peeps sitting behind us and the standing room was at the very top. the music was also really great – somewhat techno but still melodic. i really, really enjoyed the whole thing! all the socialites were carrying HUGE bags – i feel like i need to get a new, and REALLY BIG bag.

we ended up wearing skinning jeans and sweaters. it was much better to be dressed as we were, than to be one of the ones “trying too hard”. and we fit right in!

anyway, i’ll write more after the micheal kors show!


p.s. scooter – full length puffy jackets are all the rage here in nyc! you are so cutting edge!

And our second show was Michael Kors:
Here is what I emailed after the show:
i just got back from the Micheal Kors show – INCREDIBLE! that is all i can say – it was effing INCREDIBLE! lots of star sightings, so let’s start from the beginning…the first celeb we saw was Anna Winter (Editor-in-Chief of Elle; the character that “The Devli Wears Prada” is based off of…) with her was her Editor-at-Large of Elle, I dunno his name, but he is a really tall, African-American man. He was also at the Oscar show on Monday. She is super thin and stylish, as one would expect.

the next celeb spotted at the show was the Dutchess of York, Fergie. She looks just like she does on tv. seemed very friendly – some random peeps were going up to her to talk to her!

the bald guy from “what not to wear” and “fashion police” was there – in a bright orange jacket. he was also at oscar’s show.

the next celeb we saw was jane k., the secretarty from ally mcbeal. she has a lot of blone hair! and is quite petite.

so… the next star was a biggie – jeanne’s lookalike Kim Catrall from sex in the city! she looked great! ee got some great shots of her after the show when she was talking to the media. i’ll send them out once they are downloaded.

the donald was there with melana – he looks exactly like he does on tv! she was wearing a huge fur hat – and looks very glamorous!

both this show and the oscar show was in the main tent, there are smaller shows in the salon and another smaller tent. this time we sat on the other side of the tent than we did for the oscar show.

the music was much more pop-ey than at the oscar show. mainly “groove is in the heart” and some gwen stefani. and sportsware made up most of his pieces. he did have some male models as well. neutrals were everywhere – and lots of fur. the few colors that did show up in his clothing were orange and blue. but mainly just grays, khakis, browns, blacks, golds and silver. he also had patents leathers.

large bags were everywhere. on the models and spectators. i am coveting a chanel black patent leather bag – huge! i went to saks to see if i could just hold it and check the price, but they had none left! i saw no less than 5 ladies carrying that bag!

for you richmond gals, tinsley (mercer) mortimer was there – and she is ranked #2 on (the last ranking time frame she was ranked #1).

i didn’t wear a drop of make-up the entire time i was in nyc! i didn’t even shower for this show (i did for oscar) – just call me pigpen 😉 the ponytail is quite in, which makes me happy! and so are skinny jeans / pants. i felt out of style when i was not wearing skinny pants – even the men are wearing skinny pants!

i am headed home in a few hours – hopefully i’ll catch up with you all in person soon!


And here are other random photos from our fun 5 days in NYC…
et.jpg Yarb & I in Bill and Juan’s apartment (they took 2 apartments and made into one, very Sex in the City-esque)
elenis.jpg tingcc.jpg Yummy – cupcakes! I have always loved them, and then they became so en vouge!
Here is all of us – this was a Sun or Mon night – we went to dindin and then out DANCING at a gay club. Very fun. I felt like such a city gal!!!!
Thanks, Boom, for letting Yarb and I go up yo NYC. It was the experience of a LIFETIME (though I’d love to do it again… and I hear SCAN has gotten their hands on some Fashion Week tickets to auction off at the Progressive Dinner event…).

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  1. Remember how COLD it was! What a fabulous trip! Thanks again for such a great Christmas gift! We shoud do it again 🙂

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