My friend Kandy got a new pup for Chrismas – a Vizsla names Peyton. He is adorable – I haven’t yet met him in the flesh, but I cannot wait! You be the judge…




SOOO cute! I have to see him before all his wrinkles are gone…

Boom is biased against him since Peyton is the name of the QB for the Colts, who are the NE Pats arch enemies… funny email from Kandy, when she was sending out these photos:

Jams (her fiancee) named him, mostly because he paid for 83% of the purchase price. As Vizslas are running dogs, he recognizes the honorary naming is a misnomer, as Peyton Manning is really not very mobile.


4 responses to “Wrinkles!!!!

  1. Cute cute cute!

  2. Vizsla’s are running, hunting, agility, hiking and in your face lap dogs. I hope your friends enjoy LONG walks/runs in ALL WEATHER! A bored vizsla is dangerous to your house.

  3. Whoa there—no worries! I’m a running, agility, hiking and in-your-face person, particularly when under-exercised. Vizsla will be just fine.

  4. my vizsla was that tiny… a year and a half ago! where did my puppy go? 😉

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