Combatting excess

To try to combat all the stuff that I have, I am going to try NOT to buy anything for as long as I can. Clearly, consumables (food / toiletries / etc) don’t count – I am just talking about stuff like clothes (ugh), shoes (the pain!), fabric (oh no!), gift wrapping supplies (not really?!), fabric / ribbon (but I love it all so!!!), art supplies, scrappin’ supplies, and so on. I love to prepare for projects, but when projects don’t get executed, all my crap starts to pile up… (I may need to make 1 exception – need some fabric to complete some throw pillows I have been talking about making forever – and I finally have the pillow forms…)

And, compared to some of the people that sew out there, my fabric collection is not really all that large. But it seems overwhelming to me and I just want to get it all under control. And use it up – and rediscover things I remember purchasing but haven’t seen in ages… For some reason, I have a real soft spot for ribbon -I could buy ribbon until the cows come home! And not to use for any particular reason, just b/c I like it.

(To Boom’s credit, he just looks at all my stuff and shakes his head.  He likes all my projects, but doesn’t really understand why I have so much stuff.  I have culled it down and little and reined it in some.  I guess I just have too many ideas and not enough time!  Like everyone else in the world…)

What brought this all on was I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday. And I have the gift (very cute! part is home made!) – but not the “right” boxes to put the gift in. So I was thinking I should go to buy some boxes today… but then I was thinking – that is such a waste, to buy boxes that (hopefully get reused) likely just get thrown away. And I have lots of gift wrapping stuff (other boxes, bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc) so it is not like my gift will look like crap, but just not exactly the “vision” I had in my mind. Which may be good – for me to let go a little about the small things that in the end don’t matter all that much…

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. And how long it last… (clearly if there is a HUGE sale somewhere and not buying would be like LOSING mola, all bets are off) Wish me luck!


2 responses to “Combatting excess

  1. I hear you! That is/was my problem with scrapping stuff – I liked to buy stuff because it was so cute but then I wanted to save it and not use it until I made the “perfect” layout or found the perfect photo. Now I have paper that is years old that I don’t even like that much anymore. I donated a lot to a friend who teaches kindergarteners. Now I use the stuff I have. You should set a goal of using so much stuff before you can buy more. It helps! And it stretches your creativity. {Whew, off my soap box now. Unfortunately sometimes I still feell like I am drowning in scrap crap. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?}

  2. just do’nt go shopping for a change…

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