Rice Crust

After yogidy last night I went to dindin with Cubby last night at Can Can – a local French-esque restaurant.  I had an entree of all seasonal squashes with spinach and arugula – very yummy!  Boom had headed over to C’ville for interviews yesterday and he thought he was going to have to stay for dinner.  (Thus the reason I made dinner plans with Cubby even though I just got home Sunday night).  Anyway, because I went out, I told Boom to head up a frozen pizza I had picked up at the grocery store earlier on Monday.

As we all know, I am trying to lead a veg head lifestyle, and am up for trying different things.  So I got 2 Amy’s Kitchen pizzas – 1 with a rice crust and 1 with soy cheese.


Boom had headed up the rice crust pizza, and when I got home he was practically scraping his tongue – it was SO DISGUSTING to him.  I took a bit and it seemed ok to me, but I had just eaten a large meal, so perhaps my taste-buds were a little full already.  He had to put half of the pizza in the ‘fridge, claiming it was “too much” for him. and then he made himself a peanut butter sandy.

Anyway, I ate his leftover pizza today for lunch – honestly, I couldn’t tell that they were made from rice as opposed to wheat.  When I emailed Boom as much, this is how he responded:

Threw up in mouth.

What a little DB!!!!  I bet if I had heated it up without letting him see the box, it would have tasted just fine to him…  hmm, that will be a good test in the future…


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