Whirling dervish…

I have started waking up in the middle of the night due to worrying about the SCAN Board of Young Professional’s Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom fund raiser I am chairing…

I woke up around 2am – thinking it was much later but wondering why I was so tired…  and then again around 4am… I finally got up at 430am to clean before the cleaning lady (she came this morning).  I got tired again and went back to bed from 6-7am…

The folks that work at the SCAN office likely think that I am a cr@ck head, as I am always talking 100 miles and hour and whirling about like a dervish…  sometimes I feel like I am all hopped up on caffeine, but I don’t drink coffee or sodas.

At yogidy this morning, I wasn’t into it.  I dunno if it is b/c my sleep was off last night or that I was running a bit late (and coming from the dentist, of all places) but I definitely couldn’t get my mind to quite down.  And twice I remembered Boom and I this summer (right after the tragedy) – and all the day trips we took and how good he was to me, and it brought tears to my eyes both times.

After this event, I am going to try to slow it down a little.  Sometimes I think whirling about it not way for me to be… about a week and a half left to go!!!


4 responses to “Whirling dervish…

  1. Yo money bags you need to leave all your worldy problems behind you and focus on your inner yoda when you go to yoga class. Those classes are the exact opposite of a baby bird in that they are not “cheap, cheap.” So you need to get everything out of them on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

    -Yogi Boom

  2. Also, where did you get the Almonds from? If you tell me you found them in an old cupboard that is fine. if you tell me you got them from your fancy organic food shopping market then take them back immediately. They are totally stale and it is complete B.S.

    – Boom Boom (a.ka. “The Squirrel”)

  3. Yes, yoga should be good to clear your mind of the extra stuff, if for only an hour or two! Hopefully this will be the last big event you have to plan for a while!

  4. after this one, please quit the duties you take on youself…….

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