Old Rag

On Saturday, a group of us from RIC and C’ville met up to do the Old Rag hike – an 8-mile, fairly strenuous / technical hike about 2 hours from RIC. There were 9 of us – Boom, Gretty, me, Quattro (Gretty’s bro), JP, Ali, Chuck, Jules and Whit. A VERY good group of peeps – fun, nice, all athletic and talkative.


It hasn’t been warm, but I was unprepared for all the snow and ice that was all over the trail!


Heading up, it was a little warmer – there was a little bit of sun out. And Jules was kind enough to bring us all sammies from one of everyone’s fav sandwich gas station in C’Ville! So that was awesome, when it came to lunch time!


Here we all are at the top of the mountain. We asked some guy to take our photo – he had to come to us – about 200m away -very nice of him. Quattro is right, thought, people like helping out other people.

Going down was less technical (not so many boulders to climb over / around) but more tricky in that gravity was pulling us down. and much colder – after hugging granite boulders (which do not conduct heat well – they actually suck the heat from your hands and feet) and with the sun hiding, we were all pretty cold.


I fell numerous time on the way down. Ice and my precarious sense of balance in good conditions are not a good mix. But we all got down unscathed.


Here we all are safely at the parking lot. and we are all smiling, so it couldn’t have been so bad. One of the best part of the trip was on our way home, we stopped at the Pizza Palace and got 3 pizzas for us all to share! We all just sat around and talked, found out Whit was going out on a date with a boy who was born in 1982!!!! Craziness – but so fun!

It was really great spending the whole day outside, getting some exercise and getting to know the peeps we were with a little bit better. Since Gretty was the common factor, of course all the peeps are quality 😉


2 responses to “Old Rag

  1. Fantastic day, but as Tingaling mentioned very cold and slippery out there. I have been battling a chest cold for the past few weeks and this trip seems to have kicked it into overdrive. Not feeling so hot right now.

  2. Looks cold but fun!

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