Tonight I was working on the SCAN Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom center pieces, which are masks, made by kiddies. There are about 95 of them, and I decided that most all of them needed “sprucing up”. So, for about an hour, I glued on more feathers to each mask. They are really cute, so I am not sure why I felt the need to spruce them up…. oh well, ’tis my OCD coming out…

Vases full of beads will hold the masks (once each mask is put on a stick – tonight I put 48 on sticks – colored pencils! very clever, I thought). However, I don’t want the beads put into the vases pell mell – I want the to have stripes of color, which means grouping the beads… I think my committee will think I am a freak! But I want things to look a certain way…

And luckily for us, the venue that we are holding the event, Main Street Station, is quite beautiful in it’s own right. It recently went through a renovation – so nothing can be hung, taped, secured, etc to any surface. Which makes things easier for us.

I am excited for this event! Lots of hard work and hopefully everyone will have a good time. We’ll be raising money and awareness around stopping child abuse right here in the community that we live in.


2 responses to “Issues

  1. Ting – you are almost as CRA-ZEE as my get-up-at-4-am-to ride-his-bike-before-we-run hubby!

  2. Looony! Looony! Loony!

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