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New England Patriots Update


An email from Boom to our friend Court, who is a big Pats fan and has a Bruschi jersey:

You can breath easy. Bruschi has agreed to come back and signed a multi-year deal with the Pats last night. So you can continue to wear your jersey with pride or “The Spirit of Massachusetts, Is the Spirit of America, The Spirit of the Red, White, and Blue!!”. (Editor’s note: Boom never thought the Cowboys were America’s team. But they were, back in the day…)
The Pats are in continued negotiations with Moss to strike a long-term deal, but free-agency started last night and he is now eligible to sign with any team. Pats have a great chance as Moss has said he only wants to play with Brady as his QB and wants to win the SB as a Patriot. Will keep you posted on this front with any breaking news.
Patriots have cut Rosevelt Colvin and Eugene Wilson. They will loose Asante Samuels and Randal Gay (Editor’s Note: When Court was deciding what jersey to get, she threw around the idea of getting a totally random one. We tried to encourage her to get a “Gay” jersey, but she did not.) to free agency. They have resigned Kelly Washington and are close with Jabar Gaffney. They let Donte Stallworth go so he will likely sign elsewhere. Kevin Faulk got arrested at a Lil’Wayne (Editor’s Note: Who?? What does he sing?) concert with marijuana, but passed a drug test later that night (sucks).

I hope that Moss stays with the Pats, as I have his jersey and just got 1 season of use out of it. He has really blossomed with Brady as his QB and Bill B as his coach. Perhaps he will also bring back the ‘fro, as I quite enjoyed it (along with the fake moon and the resulting fine paid with cash money)…

Luggage Tags

Today I’ve been working with my fused plastic bag “fabric” to make luggage tags.  They turned out pretty cute, but I am not sure how sturdy they are.

Here is what I did:


1. Trace and cut the desired shape out of the fused material.



2. Do the same with some hard(ish) clear plastic.  I used transparency sheets I had, so nothing fancy.


3. Sew a ribbon in a loop onto the fused material.  This is what will attach the luggage tag to the luggage.  I put the side with the sewing on the outside of the tag, but may be better to have it on the inside (where the business card goes).


4.  Sew the clear plastic onto the fused material, leaving 1 short end open.  This is where you will be able to slip your business card into the luggage tag.


Voila!  Here is the tag on my old roller bag with a business card in it.


Here are some other ones I am working on.   The black and white “toile” print is from a bag I got in Austin.  I wonder if I can get Boom to test these tags out – he travels quite a bit, but I am not sure he will want a random, Target-symbol tag on his bag, which I can totally understand.

Before and After

Monday and Tuesday I worked on getting our bathroom in order – a little spring cleaning.  Unfort, I am not a tidy person by nature, much to Boom’s chagrin.  I take after my dad in that respect, and didn’t get my mom’s severe tidiness gene.  Oh well – I think it is because I am a creative type… or at least that is the reason I use 😉


So here is our messy bathroom closet!  So much stuff – all jumbled together.  (The clothing hanging from the doors, is my workout gear.  That is not part of the messiness.)


And here it is after!  I threw out / am giving away a ton of stuff.  So we actually have lots of room in the closet now.

I even cleaned out our drawers and the cabinet.  Lots of expired meds (over-the-counter) got thrown away.  Much better now.

tdrawer.jpg jdrawer.jpg bathcab.jpg

I am hoping I can keep the bathroom organized, at least for a bit.  Boom is actually very tidy, but he let’s my bad habits bring him down!  Resist, resist!



Last night Stevie and I checked out a new restaurant, Verbena. It was pretty good. I (well, we both) had a mixed green salad (which had a ginger sauce – yum), crab cakes (mostly crab meat, tasty, but the sauce was a little rich) and we shared the vanilla creme brulee (very yummy – and it was big! I am a creme brulee purist – I hate it when places offer odd flavored creme brulee). It wasn’t inexpensive, though. The bill was just south of $100 for the both of us. We did have 3 glasses of wine between us.

The decor was nice! They had totally re-done it from when the space was Carltons. It was traditionally modern. Had many “traditional” elements (stamped tin ceiling, mouldings, etc) but they were used in a clean, slightly contemporary way. I enjoyed the decor. and I didn’t notice anyone smoking – I dunno if maybe people were smoking upstairs in the bar, or if it is a smoke-free restaurant (that would be lovely).

Of course the best part of the evening was catching up with Stevie!  She is one busy gal, so getting to see her one on one was quite a treat!  We even got some of her wedding (in Nov) planned!

The only issue is my tummy did hurt a little last night, I think it was due to the richness of the crab cake sauce. It seemed very heavily on the butter side. I just should not have eaten as much as I did, but it tasted good at the time.

Verdict: I’d go back. When the weather warms up, Boom and I will be able to walk there, which is always nice.


Wow… HI-larious!

The 1943 Guide to Hiring Women

Glad things have changed from then!

(Thanks, Gretty, for sharing!)

Cool Project

I dropped Ruby off this morning to get groomed and her nails done (i.e. cut & drummeled).  When I picked her up, we wandered to the local doggie store, Beggar’s Bones.  When I went up to pay for Ruby’s vegan treats, I saw a poster on the wall that caught my eye – NotMYPitbull, a photographic project demonstrating the true character, sensitivity and loving nature of this misunderstood breed.  The artist, Karen Morgan, went to VCU and now lives in Chicago.  The NotMYPitbull site gives a lot of good background and history on the pitbull.

Now, to clarify, Ruby is not a pitbull, but rather an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix.  But pitbulls are her close first cousins, and people who don’t know much often think she is a pittie.  For those in the know, she is really too petite to be an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Regardless,  I am a huge bully breed lover because of Ruby, and firmly believe that dogs are good.  It is bad owners that create bad / mean / aggressive dogs.  I could go on, but I will step down from my soap box now…


Love it: Heartwarming story of Marine who saves dog in Iraq

Nubs chose him as much as he chose Nubs… just like Ruby and I.

(Read this today on – but just had to put on my blog, as I love heartwarming doggie stories…)