Party Prep

This week had been devoted to getting ready for SCAN’s Board of Young Professionals Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom. The house has been SCAN central – Boom was gone all week, sadly, but perhaps it was for the best, as the dining room was looking pretty scary there for a while.

90 masks – all of which I “spruced” up with extra feathers and added the sticks that they theoretically would be held by, but this is what will be stuck into the vases with beads in ’em.

masksfront.jpg masksback.jpg

maskssticks.jpg masksbox.jpg

70 pounds of beads – these will be used in all the vases, grouped together by color to produce “stripes”of beads.

grnbeads.jpg vasebeads.jpg

beads1.jpg beads2.jpg

36L of Rum & Bourbon – Our high end bourbon costs $55/750ml! Thank goodness it was all donated!


125 gift bags – no BYP members can take a gift bag… 1 per couple! Stapling the “label” I made on the front was a real pain. Next year the committee should print the “label” onto a sticky nametag type thing – would be a little easier.


300 cups – they turned out really cute!  But I do wish they also had the SCAN logo on ’em – that was my fault.  I was rushed to get the logo to Gentz (who donated the cups as they have her stores’ logo on ’em) b/c I was headed off the the cruise…  oh well, what can you do?


Tomorrow all my hard work will pay off!  I can’t wait – it will be a good time!  and 191 tickets sold (out of an available 200) – yay!

Now I am just really excited to see Boom!  He has to leave again on Sunday, so we don’t get much time together, esp with the big party this weekend.  (Sigh)


One response to “Party Prep

  1. Good grief! That’s a lot of stuff! I am sure your party will be a hit!

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