Even now, 30 mins after the Super Bowl,  still cannot believe the Pats did not win.   They always pull a win out – always!  Esp this season… but too much hype… it all boils down to which team is better on which day, and the Giants were a little better than the Pats today – bad timing that it was Super Bowl Sunday…  Brady had a bad game, the offensive line had a bad game, there were interceptions that should have been caught (as they flew threw NE defenders’ fingers), more pressure / sacks on Ely should have been made…  so many things could have caused the game to go another way…

I feel really bad for Boom – he has sworn off watching any more football.  He says he has spent way too much time watching the Pats, reading about the Pats, rooting for the Pats, and for this to happen, he is just done.  I am sure he is exaggerating – but I know he is really disappointed.



One response to “Disbelief

  1. I watched some of the beginning of the game and the last minute of the game. I really thought they were going to win until the Giants made that last TD. Then I felt really bad for Boom because I knew he would be disappointed…

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