Favorite Txts of the Week

I have been thinking about doing this for a while – posting up my fav txts of the week.  One week, Boom was traveling (surprise, surprise) and he sent me a txt that read something like this:

U cute.  Wear pony tonight.

And I nearly started crying.  B/c it just shows how much he loves me – doesn’t want me to have to deal with my hair as he claims up in a pony is his fav style anyway.

So, I will try, every time before I delete my full inbox,  to pick a few txts that deserve some mention…

This week’s winners:

wassup crazee t?  – by Yarbs; this one made me laugh, as it was rather out of character for her…

I read blog.  Still get sick to my stomach when I think about the game. – Boom (of course); poor guy…

You throw a mean mardi gras party. – Boom; very nice of him to say; and he was hungover the next day!


One response to “Favorite Txts of the Week

  1. The crazzee was in reference to the stuff you were doing for the partee!

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