Welcome to Texas

I am the thros of Al’s wedding this weekend. But had to put up a quick post (photos to come…) – Al wanted us all to get French mani and pedis. That is fine, even though I hate French manis and pedis (but esp French on the toes, so weird). And my last mani was 4.5 years ago for MY wedding! Anyway, I got my French mani and pedi yesterday with Marm. I didn’t think it looked so good, but all the other bridesmaids LOVED my nails last night at the rehersal and rehersal dinner. Then, the post-rehersal dinner party was at Billy Bobs (World’s Largest Honkey Tonk) and, after a few drinks, Boom and I wandered into the gift store. We got a few items and brought them up to the counter…

The lady working behind the counter was very nice – she exclaimed how pretty I looked in my dress and then gasped as she spied my nails.

“Are those your real nails and you just got a French manicure?!”

“Um, yes, these are my real nails. My friend the bride wanted all of us to have French manicures…”

“I would do that if my real nails would look as good as yours! But I have to have acrylic nails… I LOVE your nails! They are so beautiful!”

Ha – welcome to Texas!


One response to “Welcome to Texas

  1. Hi Tingaling! I heard you were the most beautiful bridesmaid there! And of course I believe it!
    I meant to ask you to teach Marm how to long into blogger, but I am going to visit her in a couple weeks so will teach her then. I can’t wait to see you and Boom next week!

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