Missing home?

I love many aspects of going back to TX for a Country Day wedding, but one of my favorites is the mini-reunion aspect of ’em, and not just the “kids”, but also the parents.  At Al’s wedding, there were a ton of CDSers, both kids and parents.  and it just reminded me how much I loved Country Day and also Fort Worth.  I know I likely sound like a major TOOL, obsessing over where I went to middle & upper school, but it was a great experience – and not many people can say that (well, middle school was awkward, but where is it not?).  Whenever Boom and I have kids, I definately want them to have my independent school experience, as it seems to have been very different from Boom’s public school experience – and he went to a fairly small public school (he graduated with around 120 kids; I graduated with 65 – nowadays, I think CDS is graduating around 95 kids each year).

Anyway, I got to spend some time with my friend JJ.  She is so great – we had such a fun time hanging out, dancing, talking during the best man toast (Boom turned to tell us to keep it down, and JJ looked at him and was like, you can bite my a$$hole! hehehe), etc.  And I got to see her dad – a proud new grandpa!  Her daughter, Sydney Bristo, named after the character in “Alias” of the same name, is too cute for words!  I can’t tell whom she looks like, though – I can definately see some of JJ and also some of M (JJ’s hubby and SB’s dad) in her – guess that is how genetics works 😉

I guess I just love old friends – having such a long history with people makes me happy.  Of course, new friends are good and that is the only way to have old friends is to start with new friends, but I can’t imagine anyone I have met in the past 5 years saying to Boom “You can bite my a$$hole!” – but perhaps that is more of a function of JJ and her excellent personality….  and Boom did comment the next day, JJ sure has a mouth on her!

I always get a bit nostalgic when I go back to Fort Worth.  Doesn’t help that 3 of my classmates all live on the SAME STREET!  love it!  so fun…   maybe someday we’ll head back there – and our kids can attend CDS!  I am a tool…


One response to “Missing home?

  1. I didn’t have quite as fond memories of CDS when I graduated, but now, looking back, it was definitely a great place to go to school. And while I don’t really want to live in FW, I certainly hope you and Boom make your way down South pretty soon!

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