Breaking up is hard to do

When I moved here, I started a supper club – just a way for girls to get together each month and get to know each other…. well, 4 years later it is still going strong!  and everyone loves it, that is, except for me.  The past few supper clubs I have come home, crying.  I thought it would be different with my friend KB back in town, and she is the organizer for this year.  But not so much…

Boom hates when I come home crying, of course, and he always tells me to skip it.  That wouldn’t it be better to spend the evening with him and little Rubles, and not cry?  But me, the ever optimist, I always think it will be different and OK.

LH is preggers, again, for the 4th time.  KP is preggers, again for the 2nd time.  Everyone else has at least 2 kids.  And that is ALL that they talk about.  Non-stop.  I was telling Boom that the other wives that hubbys work with him and I were talking about their Blackberrys and how we hate the buzzing and blink-blink sound it makes.  He was like, Wow- that is some interesting stuff you guys are talking about.  And I had to let him know that the Blackberry topic was one of the more interesting convos we had last night – SAD.  This is what it has come to…

Perhaps, for me, it is time to take a break from sup club and let me drift away from it.  The gals I want to see in it, I will see.  Just will take more effort… it does make me sad, though… and not sure if I should formally let them know, or just have things planned (tho that is bad, since the dates are already set…)  maybe I’ll just talk to KB and let her know…


3 responses to “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. Sorry the dinners make you sad, but it definitely sounds like it’s time for a break.

  2. I propose a no-cooking dinner clumy house. We can meet chez moi (i.e., chez Jams).

    No baby talk; however, running, dogs and fashion talk will be encouraged. I will also encourage people to show up unshowered and straight from the gym.

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