Exhausted, but lovely

Al’s wedding was such a good time! And she was SO happy – awesome, just awesome, to see such a good friend so very happy. I loved it – the weekend, being a part of it, everything. It was nice b/c I know all of Al’s Country Day friends, and most of her family and also lots of her college pals. and the cruise was great bonding time for the bridesmaids.

Al is one of my tiniest friends – about 5’2″ and weighing 109 pounds… she wore the biggest wedding dress I have ever seen… a beautiful Reem Acra, but it was BIG! and her church veil was really long – it was all so beautiful!


This bridesmaid dress was the largest dress, aside from my wedding dress, that I have ever worn. Lots of crioline underneath the skirt part. Mom liked the color, which I did as well, but mine was super big, so the tailor had a lot of work and wasn’t able to get it as fitted as I would have liked. Good thing no one was looking at me!


al-ben.jpg The happy couple!

Cakes! Her cake was very similar to mine – rows of flowers between the cakes. Beautiful. and I loved his groom’s cake – he is a HUGE KC Chiefs fan, so just perfect!

with-cake.jpg grooms-cake.jpg

Me and the bride! Aren’t we cute? I am literally wearing more make up than I ever have, EVER. When I first saw my face after the make up person was done, I was in shock. It looked like I was wearing a mask…

ting-al.jpg al-and-t.jpg

Boom looked quite handsome, but he didn’t wear the skull and crossbones! He felt it was not approp for a wedding. Boo…


Al had the good idea to pass out props and fun things close to the end of the night to reinvigorate the crowd… It worked! We had a blast goofing around…. I thought Boom kinda looked like Flava Flav!

ting-tiara.jpg flava.jpg

Heading out…

and I don’t think it is possible to be any cuter than Al was with her fur stole around her shoulders! So cute and so happy!


But wait – the night is not over just yet…


As soon as I got to the Worthington, I threw off the bmaid dress and strapless bra – put on my faux Juicy suit and was much happier!

All in all, a wonderful weekend. Al said she wouldn’t change a thing! She worked for 10.5 months basically only on this wedding, so I am glad it was such a huge success! Now she is on a plane with her hubby to BORA BORA!


2 responses to “Exhausted, but lovely

  1. Their wedding looked fabulous! Alison looks great and, like you said, so happy! I think you look fab as well and I love your hair!

  2. Aww, yay!!! These are some of the first pics that I’ve seen of our wedding, now that we are back from bora bora!!!! 🙂 We were so exhausted after the weekend too……it was funny, I think I recovered both my appetite and my ability to sleep on the honeymoon, just like you predicted!! Please send me all your pics if you have ’em posted in an album somewhere…..and thanks again for being such a WONDERFUL BM!!!!

    happily married Al 🙂

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