Hey Cupcake!

We had an excellent weekend in Austin – though getting there was a little painful – connected through Chicago to get to Austin…

jearlyflight.jpegBoom looking tired on our very early morning flight.

Friday we tooled around South Congress, where Hotel San Jose is located, got some last min marathon supplies for Boom and also did some fun shopping for moi at Kick Pleat, a super cute boutique that my friend Cubby recommended. That night, we met up with a college friend of mine, KK, and her hubby, R, and their new bebe, Kirby. We at at Enoteca Vespaio, the more casual side of Vespaio, and it was excellent. The babe was really good, as well! Great to see KK, she seems to be very happy, which is awesome.

kkryan.jpeg kman.jpeg

Saturday, Boom and I ventured out to find some brunch – after driving for about an hour, we finally stumbled across Magnolia Cafe (orig location), highly recommended by JS, though with some reservations: “Magnolia Café on 2304 Lake Austin is a total dump but DELISH. Weird people who haven’t showered in days are the waiters but the food is great.” She was right – our server, Mike (a girl), had grey teeth, but was nice enough and the food was delish. Randomly we saw YaYa there with her friends!

Yarbs and Josephine came into town Sat afternoon, so we met then at their hotel. Yarbs and I went to some cute local boutiques while the boys got their packets. We then drove the course – it took a LONG time to DRIVE 26.2 miles! Josephine is the most uber prepared racer ever. I am quite the opposite from him. The course will be there and I likely won’t get lost with folks in front of me and course marshals all around, so sometimes I think driving the course (for me) is not a good thing. Makes me realize how LONG a marathon really is…

et.jpeg dinsat.jpeg

After that we ate an early dinner at Brick Oven, then called it a night. Too bad our rowdy neighbors were partying it up – Sat night in Austin, though, so we couldn’t say anything.

Sunday, very very early, Josephine and EE came to get up to bring us back to their hotel (they were in walking distance to the start line). Joesphine, of course, had a whole spread of food. Which he very generously shared with Boom, which was very nice. Yarbs and I donned our SUPER CUTE #1 cheerleader shirts (love the shirts!!!), but were unable to unveil them to the public until later in the day, as it was extremely chilly in the morning. (Yarbs took most of the really good race photos, so will post once I get them from her)


Boom did GREAT! The course was really hilly (guess that is why they call Austin the Hill country) and it warmed up quite a bit. He, of course, wished he had trained a bit more, but I have never ran a race over a half marathon that I didn’t wish I had trained more… Direct from the horses mouth: “I was well ahead of pace through 10 held onto the necessary pace through the 20 mile mark, but miles 20 through 26 went by pretty slow.” Still, I am soo proud of him – he is so super busy with work, but yet he still managed to carve out enough time to train for a marathon! Quite a feat!

Sunday afternoon was sunny and beautiful! We sat outside for most of the day, to soak in the sunshine and warmth before we left the next morning.


We had a great weekend, so awesome to see Yarbs and get to hang out with her and Josephine. She is the bestest ever and I am lucky to have her as my sissy! And Boom, he is the greatest ever as well. I love that man more and more each day. Cheezy, but true.

Here are some parting shots of Austin:

homeslice.jpeg heyc.jpeg

We’ve decided that our next 2 dogs will be named “Cookie” and “Cupcake” – two of my favorite things.  (Coincidentally, Cookie was also the name of my first dog ever – a German Shepard / Husky mix. )


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  1. We need to plan a trip where no one has to work out for more than 4 hours!

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