Toots, Thoughts, and a 50K…

Ruby is becoming a veggie dog. She doesn’t want to contribute to the horrible slaughter practices that are rampant here in America. The only issue with that is she now has audible toots. She has been laying by me and cutting the cheese for over an hour. When she toots and I look at her, she just looks back and is all like, Wha? Why are you looking at me?  I have done nothing… (whic, clearly, is a lie)

Once she has finished her current bag of conventional dog food (albeit very expensive conventional dog food), I will start buying her veggie dog food. I got her veggie dog treats today, and cooked up a big pumpkin (thanks Ims and Gretty) that I feed to her with a little big of food every morning and night. She loves it! and she also has been snacking on baby carrots, cukes, red peppers (not her fav), and bananas.

* * * * * * * * * *

Marmidy just called – she was sad to read my recent post about me being sad. I feel badly that she feels bad, and she feels sad because I feel sad! She, of course, doesn’t want me to be sad. Nor do I – and I really am not sad, just sometimes. She’s also going to Japan on Thursday for about a month – my aunt (her older sister) needs help with her stores. Her kids usually work in the stores (they are all grown up) but their paternal grandmother is in a coma so they are all in Korea. And her 2nd oldest daughter has been in and out of the hospital, so there is a lot going on.

* * * * * * * * *

One of my new(ish) mantras is to use up everything that I have – not to let any go to waste, if I can at all help it. So I made choc chip cookies with personalized M&Ms that were part of the bachlorette shower favor from Al’s cruise. I also need to remember to make cookies after lunch, as they are always so yummy right out of the oven!!!


I make them with half wheat flour, so they are not quite as bad for me as regular ones. But certainly not health food.


And I think I prefer using semi-sweet choc chips to the M&Ms. But at least I used up the M&Ms…

* * * * * * * *

My craz-ee friend Kandy ran the Holiday Lake 50K and improved her time by 45 mins (5:10:25, #56 out of 257 starts)! She also fell during the race and broke her hand!! Sometimes I barely believe I used to be an ultra marathoner… esp since these days I have to really think long and hard if I want to do a 5k (which I am, on Sat, the Youngblood 5k). This is her recount of how she broke her wrist:
I fell. So uncool–I fell in a nice and even (no rocks) dirty path of an apple orchard. awesome, huh?

It felt funny as soon as I fell. It didn’t hurt but I had a feeling I’d broken it.


2 responses to “Toots, Thoughts, and a 50K…

  1. the cookies looks yummy! i am off to mail your photos!

  2. All I can say about Ruby’s toots is “like mother, like dogter!” Ruby knows that our house is a safe tooting zone as she is subjected to the odors on a daily basis that eminate from ole’ tingaling.

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