Yesterday was quite productive…

There are a ton of free tutorials out in blog land – I have a huge running list (in my mind) of ones I want to try. So yesterday I decided to just plunge into on – fusing plastic bags to make (plastic) “material” to make a new, more durable bag. It wasn’t hard, but not as easy as I had imagined. I used the Etsy Lab Tutorial – their bags look much fancier and prettier than mine, but I was pleased nonetheless.


Here she is in all her glory! Each panel is 1 bag, folded so there are 8 individual layers. I then used my sewing machine to put her together. B/c of the seams, I am not too sure how strong the bag will be. Next time I’d like to try to make larger fused pieces with multiple bags stacked on top of each other. That is actually how I started out, but quickly realized I needed to test for heat and which bags actually fuse the best (from my experience, Target, Fresh Market, and Ukrop’s bags work the best. Kroger bags are crappy to fuse, which is unfort.)

I think that most people usually fuse the seams (?) so there is no sewing involved. And some actually make patterns with the plastic – that would be very ambitious for me! As it was, this bag took about 3 -4 hours to complete. And I made a mess of my work area (a.k.a. the bathroom – love the formica counter top to iron on):


Here are all the handles and bottom seams that I had to cut off. Easy clean up, though – all went straight into the trash can. I have a few panels left – may try to make some little bags (no zippers, though, think that would be too much for me. Perhaps a snap or something like that) or business card / credit card holders.

* * * * * * *

I also made a delicious vegan lasagna last night. It was fairly easy and really turned out tasty. At least I think so, and Boom seemed to like it pretty well. I got the recipe off a Google search here. I will take some photos and post ’em up today. I am looking forward to having it for lunch! The tofu mixture is great for substituting for ricotta. If I stay in supper club, I may actually make this for the gals. It was that tasty.

* * * * * * *

And Boom liked the M&M cookies. Seems that I did as well, since I nearly ate a whole dozen yesterday! All before dinnertime. So after dindin I was certainly not craving cookies. Boom had cookies for dessert (he doesn’t like them heated up, which, in my opinion, is the only want to eat them) and I had some of my leftover apple crumble (from supper club). Eating fruit based desserts helps me to think that I am not being quite as bad as I likely am. And I don’t remember if my crumble recipe called for a lot of butter or perhaps I am more sensitive to it (and fat) since going veggie, but I can really taste the butter in the crumble mix. and it is kinda slick and slimy. But I still ate it, so clearly did not turn me off too much.


3 responses to “Yesterday was quite productive…

  1. The bag was super cute and very crafty. I am highly impressed with your ingenuity. The lasagna was also quite delicious, despite the brown hue of the faux riccota, tofu cheese mix. Since you are out this evening I imagine that is what I will be dining on for the second night in a row – which is fine. I am fully recovered from the marathon at this point which is great.

    love, boom

  2. sweet idea! i’ve been wanting a reusable grocery bag, making one is a good idea. i was searching craft stuff and came across your blog. now i’m going to go waste a couple hours reading the etsy labs blog…

  3. I love the bag! And the food sounds yummy as well.

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