Other Fused Items

A couple nights ago I was thinking of other things I could make with fused bags. Smaller, wallet-type items. My big hurdle was figuring out what to use to close the said smaller bags. I thought I had come up with the solution –> SNAPS! So I tried it, and realized, nope, snaps were not really gonna work. They require a lot of pulling to get apart, and the fused bags are not that strong, esp. since with the snaps you put tiny holes in the fused material. Then I thought of velcro! I think this might work, but I will need to reinforce the adhesive, as it takes quite a bit to pull the 2 sides of the velcro apart, and the velcro adhesive was pulling away from the fused material.

img_0108.jpg img_0109.jpg

Here is my first little bag. The snap looks cute, but it is a faux snap. I then put the velcro on the underside, when I realized the snap was not gonna work.


Since the velcro was pulling away, I thought I could try using ribbon. But I don’t think that is the best to use – not exactly user friendly (I am thinking now that I should use a button and an elastic to go around the button – I need to get some elastic to try that). Here are the ribbon photos:

img_0106.jpg img_0105.jpg

Looks like it should be holding a gift card or something.


After seeing this photo, I think maybe I can make luggage tags with a clear front out of this fused material! I remember seeing a tutorial on luggage tags out of fabric in blog land, just need to try to find it… (update – have found it!  From the blog – My Longest Year)

I am liking this fused plastic bag technique.  It is like working with felt – no stray threads to worry about!  So easy. I have a bunch of pink plastic from a bmaid gown cover, I will try that.

I also want to make some little blank books / matchbook pads that I have had in my mind to do for some time – using reclaimed paper. The only issue is I need a large cutting surface, and since I am a little cluttered, that is hard to come by…  maybe next week…


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  1. you are so crafty!

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