When Boom and I were back in Fort Worth for Al’s wedding weekend, I got 2 boot keychains from Billy Bob’s (the world’s largest honkey tonk) – one for me and one to give to my good friend Cubby, who is also from Texas.

img_0117.jpg – loverly keychain…

This morning, Boom and I went to bfast at a local coffee shop and on the way to taking him to work, he saw my boot keychain and asked if Cubby was using hers. I told him I didn’t know… so he vowed to find out.

When I checked my email just a few mins ago, here is what I read…

Boom (to Cubby & I): FYI – I would avoid the downtown expressway this evening. I hear they have a checkpoint in place to review gifted key chains. I hear if you are found not to have a honky tonk boot on your key chain the punishment is $500 fine and 2 mos. community service trash collection.

I am highly amused! Boom is so clever and witty, I just try to keep up and hope that I absorb some of it through osmosis and close proximity. I am always telling him that he should start a blog, or that we could do one jointly, like Sweet Juniper, but he says he just prefers to comment on my blog.


One response to “Funny

  1. I personally really like those key chains – uber cute and texan! you are getting good at taking everyday photos!

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