Happy Friday: Ramblings & Photos

Yarbidy sent me cds with photos of Thanksgiving and the Austin Marathon – I got them today. The best part is she included them in a super cute handmade card! and she rarely makes cards…


* * * * *

I was at Macy’s the other day looking for drinking glasses (we have gotten rid of all our plastic glasses, as they possibly leach bad things when put in the dishwasher) from the Martha Stewart Collection. I didn’t end up buying glasses there (got them from Kmart – their Martha Stewart Everyday line – I heart that line! It is great – tho Kmart is totally ghetto. I guess I am lucky we have Kmarts in Va… don’t think they exist in TX) but I did end up getting a cute glass container (supposidly to be used for snacks, but would be a huge amount of snacks…) with a turquose top and matching towels with a turquoise accent on them for my downstairs bathroom. I think the towels are actually bar towels, but they look cute.

canisterclose.jpg canisterfar.jpg

towels.jpg towelhang1.jpg

Part of why I love her stuff so is the clean and attractive packaging. Not a good reason, I know, but I am the type to buy something just to try based on it’s packaging…

* * * * *

I cooked up the rest of Ruby’s pumpkin, as part of her veggie dog diet. This time it was a little odd – as the pumpkin was still the one that Ims and Gretty gave to us, but I had frozen the extra. So I thawed it out, and it was already mushy from defrosting, and then steamed it. Ruby knew exactly want was going on, and was very excited!

pumpkin1.jpg Here is the cooked pumpkin.

pumpkin2.jpg Mashing it.

pumpkin3.jpg Full container! This should last a week or so…

I give her a heaping amount of pumpkin with a scant 1/2 cup of dog food on top for each meal. Makes her deuces orange and big, but she does love it!

* * * * *

As we are using up our conventional cleaners (and paper products), I am replacing with cleaners that don’t contain toxic chemicals (paper products that are unbleached and recycled) – which is better for us and the earth.


I was a little wary of using this Seventh Generation dish washer detergent, as our dishwasher is not the best. Has left food and stuff on the dishes in the past – so I had to go from using the water miser mode, to the full water mode.

Anyway, this stuff works great! and I can use the water miser mode again. Seventh Generation promised to get our dishes sparkling clean, and they did! I am quite pleased.


One response to “Happy Friday: Ramblings & Photos

  1. you are such the environmentalist tinger! i am trying to be better…

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