Frogs and Fortune Cookies…

A month ago or so I got a pattern for a frog off blogland.  I made one for Al’s bachlorette party (since she collects frogs) and one for Gretty (since she loves animals).  I gave Gretty’s to her last night, so now I can post photos of it!  Turned out quite well, and is stuffed with lentils, so in case of emergency, she could cut him open and cook up the lentils (yummy!).

frog1.jpg frog2.jpg frog3.jpg

It was actually kinda hard to fill him with lentils, as I could not find a proper funnel.  And sewing him up after he was full of lentils was also not an easy task.  But I think he is super cute!

For his embroidered chest, I printed out the size letter I wanted and then used my light box to trace the letter on to the fabric.  (Clearly Al’s didn’t have a ‘G’ on it, but rather a ‘P’ for her new last name.)

Remember, ladies, be gentle with him – he’s homemade!

*    *    *    *    *

In the February issue of Martha Stewart, there is a great craft tutorial for making felt fortune cookies.  I love working with felt, had all the needed supplies and this craft actually looked easy, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Now I am a little bit obsessed with making ’em and giving ’em (as bday cards, etc).  I just need to think of better “fortunes” to go inside…

fc1.jpg fc2.jpg fc3.jpg

And since it is all about the packaging, I’ve had these little cello bags since Boom and I got married and have been looking to put them to good use… Well, the fortune cookies fit perfectly in ’em!  And I have lots of scrap paper, so for the “tag” I can just stamp whatever I want on the front and then put a little message on the back – staple it to the  cello bag and it looks nearly professional (not really, but I like to say it does).

I realize I am spoiling the surprise for a bunch of peeps (hehehe – or maybe not), as I think I have only given out 3 of ’em, but plan to give out many more!  So if you haven’t gotten one, likely you will – just wait for it.  And act surprised.  Hopefully by then I will have some better fortunes (or maybe quotes?) to go inside of ’em.


3 responses to “Frogs and Fortune Cookies…

  1. Ok those frogs and felt fortune cookies are too cute! I love them!

  2. Tinger – you are too good to me! I absolutely LOVE my frog – he now lounges next to my turtles! And the fortune cookie is fab – just need to find a safe place for it. You are incredibly thoughtful . . . one of the best. 😉

  3. Aww, G got a frog too – I LOVE my frog with the “P” – and I promise I am very gentle with it. 😉 I actually just cleared off my whole desk yesterday, while I was working on uploading 600+ honeymoon pics – and the P frog was the only thing that got to stay…… 🙂

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