After brunch and the dog park yesterday, I slept on our newish mid-century modern couch literally until 530pm.  And I only got up then because I had a game night at 630…  Game night was at my friend’s store, Heidi Story (named after herself).

It was interesting and awkward all at the same time.  Heidi wanted to get all the cool people she had met through the store together – I took a sewing class there and am also a patron.  So it was a random mishmash of people in a rather intimate setting.  I did enjoy the gays that were there – 2 of them were the stylist and colorist from YY Salon – just down the street, and the other 2 were their significant others.  They were all highly amusing.  And I was thinking of Yarbs – she would have been so proud of me, being anywhere with any gays.  Someday I’ll find my gay best friend.  Don’t think these guys were too impressed with me – as I hadn’t showered and didn’t look so cute.  Oh well.

After playing games with the randoms until 9pm, I thought I had spent enough time that I could take my leave and not seem rude.  Another gal left when I did, so that was good.  I headed up to Church Hill to spend the remainder of my evening with my good friend Stevie and her crowd of peeps.  It was great seeing everyone, and I brought the wedding gift to S&G – their wedding was in Nov and I’ve had their gift since then!  It’s been looming over me, so I was glad to hand it over!

Stevie is really, really great.  Just really positive and fun and spunky!  She makes me laugh!  We met basically when I moved here, so I have known her for nearly 5 years!  We joke that our meeting is the best thing that we got out of the Junior League.  And G started us all on calling her “the guv’nor” since she, quite literally, knows everyone in Richmond.  She started working at Boom’s  this fall, so that was a little odd – having her in his work world and my social world, but ’tis ok.  She and Ty bought an AWESOME house – it is great for entertaining, which she is a big fan of and very good at.  Anyway, it was great fun to be there with good friends and before I knew it it was 1130pm!  I was wondering why I was so tired…  as they say, time flies when you are having fun.

I am picking Boom up from the airport today around 2pm – am excited to see him!  It seem like he has been gone for a long time!   So likely we’ll have a relaxing rest of Sunday, snuggling on the couch.


One response to “Saturday…

  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I am sure you are glad that BB is back.

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