Friday night we all went to Havana 59 to celebrate our friend’s, Gretty and Whitey, birthdays. Fun times, as it was a surprise! Ims (Gretty’s sis) and Jimbo (Whitey’s hubby) planned the surprise for them. And they sure were surprise! Which is always so fun! With Boom out of town, Cubs was my date for the night 😉


Here is Whitey when she realized we were all there for her (and Gretty!).


Here are the Birthday Gals (on the outsides) with Ims and Jimbo.

59cards1.jpg 59cards2.jpg

Some of the peeps being silly with cards (Havana provides a pack with each table!).

59gretting.jpg 59baylers.jpg 59grettrav.jpg

Gretty & I / Gretty and the CABs (great couple that always are so much fun!) / Gretty and Trav (he had just gone to see the U2 – 3D movie, which he and Ims raved about)


Ims, Gretty, and Quattro – happy siblings! So cute!

After dindin at Havana (our servers didn’t seem to happy to be working that night, or perhaps it was our rambunctiousness), we headed over to NYD (New York Deli) in Carytown for post dinner drinks and dancing. Cubs got a killer spot right in front of the door! Excellent!

We made a bee line for the photo booth (what a great thing to have in a bar. More should have ’em.) and managed to squeeze 5 of us in there! Fun times on the “dance” floor (or the space between tables). Gretty requested the DJ to play some MJ, and he did! 4 tunes – which is virtually unheard of!!!

nydgroup.jpg nydgretjules.jpg

Woot woot!

nydtingcubsgret.jpg nydgroup2.jpg

It was a fun night with no drama to speak of… Whitey’s lil’ sis and Jimbo’s lil’ sis (the wild children) were having a good time and dancing it up. They were really quite hilarious. We tried to get action shots, but were unable to do so…

It was a little odd for me to be out without Boom, but ’twas ok. Just glad to be around good friends!


2 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Looks like a fun night!

  2. ‘Twas a fantastic night w/great peeps – loved it all. Thx for helping me ring in 31 – I can tell it’s gonna be an excellent year!

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