Cool Project

I dropped Ruby off this morning to get groomed and her nails done (i.e. cut & drummeled).  When I picked her up, we wandered to the local doggie store, Beggar’s Bones.  When I went up to pay for Ruby’s vegan treats, I saw a poster on the wall that caught my eye – NotMYPitbull, a photographic project demonstrating the true character, sensitivity and loving nature of this misunderstood breed.  The artist, Karen Morgan, went to VCU and now lives in Chicago.  The NotMYPitbull site gives a lot of good background and history on the pitbull.

Now, to clarify, Ruby is not a pitbull, but rather an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix.  But pitbulls are her close first cousins, and people who don’t know much often think she is a pittie.  For those in the know, she is really too petite to be an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Regardless,  I am a huge bully breed lover because of Ruby, and firmly believe that dogs are good.  It is bad owners that create bad / mean / aggressive dogs.  I could go on, but I will step down from my soap box now…


One response to “Cool Project

  1. You know I love Rubles! She is the sweetest doggie ever! Who could resist that cute face!

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