Week of Friends

This week has been great! Seeing lots of friends…

Monday night I had Mexican with JP and little C-line. Very good to catch up with her – and the babe has grown so much! Last night Trav invited us over for Curry Chicken from the crockpot. Very delish and I was quite impressed with his cooking skills! Tonight Stevie and I are going to try a new restaurant down the street from me called Verbena. We shall see how that is. Thursday night I have “off” since I will be at art class and Friday (Leap Day!) is the ART180 / SPCA / Cultured Vultures happy hour:


and Saturday we are having a Texas Independence party!!!


Complete with Shiner Bock, brisket (and rolls for sandys), 7 layer dip, salsa / chips / guac, margaritas, etc. So it will have a Texas / TexMex sort of theme – I even got a Texas state shaped cookie cutter off Ebay (just hope it gets here in time!). Cowboy boot and hats are encouraged, a$$less chaps are discouraged 😉


One response to “Week of Friends

  1. You mean to tell me if one of your friends has a$$less chaps you WOULDN’T want to see them?!?! 😉

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