Last night Stevie and I checked out a new restaurant, Verbena. It was pretty good. I (well, we both) had a mixed green salad (which had a ginger sauce – yum), crab cakes (mostly crab meat, tasty, but the sauce was a little rich) and we shared the vanilla creme brulee (very yummy – and it was big! I am a creme brulee purist – I hate it when places offer odd flavored creme brulee). It wasn’t inexpensive, though. The bill was just south of $100 for the both of us. We did have 3 glasses of wine between us.

The decor was nice! They had totally re-done it from when the space was Carltons. It was traditionally modern. Had many “traditional” elements (stamped tin ceiling, mouldings, etc) but they were used in a clean, slightly contemporary way. I enjoyed the decor. and I didn’t notice anyone smoking – I dunno if maybe people were smoking upstairs in the bar, or if it is a smoke-free restaurant (that would be lovely).

Of course the best part of the evening was catching up with Stevie!  She is one busy gal, so getting to see her one on one was quite a treat!  We even got some of her wedding (in Nov) planned!

The only issue is my tummy did hurt a little last night, I think it was due to the richness of the crab cake sauce. It seemed very heavily on the butter side. I just should not have eaten as much as I did, but it tasted good at the time.

Verdict: I’d go back. When the weather warms up, Boom and I will be able to walk there, which is always nice.


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