Before and After

Monday and Tuesday I worked on getting our bathroom in order – a little spring cleaning.  Unfort, I am not a tidy person by nature, much to Boom’s chagrin.  I take after my dad in that respect, and didn’t get my mom’s severe tidiness gene.  Oh well – I think it is because I am a creative type… or at least that is the reason I use 😉


So here is our messy bathroom closet!  So much stuff – all jumbled together.  (The clothing hanging from the doors, is my workout gear.  That is not part of the messiness.)


And here it is after!  I threw out / am giving away a ton of stuff.  So we actually have lots of room in the closet now.

I even cleaned out our drawers and the cabinet.  Lots of expired meds (over-the-counter) got thrown away.  Much better now.

tdrawer.jpg jdrawer.jpg bathcab.jpg

I am hoping I can keep the bathroom organized, at least for a bit.  Boom is actually very tidy, but he let’s my bad habits bring him down!  Resist, resist!


2 responses to “Before and After

  1. You go Tinger! You and I both did not get Mom’s crazed cleanliness gene. I am such a pack rat, much like our dear old dad!

  2. Baby steps. We now have one closet in the house that is organized. Only 5 more closest to go, 6 main rooms, and a larg basement. We will get there some day. It took 5 years to get the closet straightened out so we should have the house paid for by the team it is all straightened up.


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