Luggage Tags

Today I’ve been working with my fused plastic bag “fabric” to make luggage tags.  They turned out pretty cute, but I am not sure how sturdy they are.

Here is what I did:


1. Trace and cut the desired shape out of the fused material.



2. Do the same with some hard(ish) clear plastic.  I used transparency sheets I had, so nothing fancy.


3. Sew a ribbon in a loop onto the fused material.  This is what will attach the luggage tag to the luggage.  I put the side with the sewing on the outside of the tag, but may be better to have it on the inside (where the business card goes).


4.  Sew the clear plastic onto the fused material, leaving 1 short end open.  This is where you will be able to slip your business card into the luggage tag.


Voila!  Here is the tag on my old roller bag with a business card in it.


Here are some other ones I am working on.   The black and white “toile” print is from a bag I got in Austin.  I wonder if I can get Boom to test these tags out – he travels quite a bit, but I am not sure he will want a random, Target-symbol tag on his bag, which I can totally understand.


One response to “Luggage Tags

  1. I love the Tar-jay luggage tag! Make me one please!

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