New England Patriots Update


An email from Boom to our friend Court, who is a big Pats fan and has a Bruschi jersey:

You can breath easy. Bruschi has agreed to come back and signed a multi-year deal with the Pats last night. So you can continue to wear your jersey with pride or “The Spirit of Massachusetts, Is the Spirit of America, The Spirit of the Red, White, and Blue!!”. (Editor’s note: Boom never thought the Cowboys were America’s team. But they were, back in the day…)
The Pats are in continued negotiations with Moss to strike a long-term deal, but free-agency started last night and he is now eligible to sign with any team. Pats have a great chance as Moss has said he only wants to play with Brady as his QB and wants to win the SB as a Patriot. Will keep you posted on this front with any breaking news.
Patriots have cut Rosevelt Colvin and Eugene Wilson. They will loose Asante Samuels and Randal Gay (Editor’s Note: When Court was deciding what jersey to get, she threw around the idea of getting a totally random one. We tried to encourage her to get a “Gay” jersey, but she did not.) to free agency. They have resigned Kelly Washington and are close with Jabar Gaffney. They let Donte Stallworth go so he will likely sign elsewhere. Kevin Faulk got arrested at a Lil’Wayne (Editor’s Note: Who?? What does he sing?) concert with marijuana, but passed a drug test later that night (sucks).

I hope that Moss stays with the Pats, as I have his jersey and just got 1 season of use out of it. He has really blossomed with Brady as his QB and Bill B as his coach. Perhaps he will also bring back the ‘fro, as I quite enjoyed it (along with the fake moon and the resulting fine paid with cash money)…


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  1. I can’t believe all the football knowledge you have. Quite impressive!

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