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Blazing Fast


Kandy ran the C’ville 10 miler this weekend, and she rocked it! A PR of 1:11:28, and 4th in her age group!!!! And she was only less than 2 mins off being in the top 10 women overall!

She is such a bad a$$ – I like to think that a couple years ago (can’t believe it has been that long!) when I was training for Chile I could hang with her, but I don’t think that was the case.

She has already signed up for San Diego – now just have to get Boom and Gretty to do the same! (Gretty confirmed “Game on” for SD on Sat – woot woot!) Today is the last day before the price increases…



Boom and I stumbled upon Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew sometime around the 4th round – and we loved it ever since! The finale was this week, and we watched it this weekend – and one of my fav crews – JabbaWockeeZ – won! They are tight and really good! I also really liked BreakSk8 – guys from the MidWest that danced on rollerkates! They won $100K and the title of America’s Best Dance Crew – not exactly sure what will come of it for them, but very cool. and highly entertaining to watch! I am thrilled that they will be continuing the competition in June!

I joked with Boom that we were likely the only people over the age of 25 that watched the show.  Oh well, I liked it!

I was really surprised and quite pleased at the number of Asian dancers in the competition. Living in (Fort Worth) TX and VA, I haven’t ever really experienced the West Coast for any length of time – and out there 1 out of ever 4 peeps are Asian. It gives me hope – when I move to H-town I am gonna take a hip hop dance class. I think Yarb has actually taken one before, and I will force her to take with me again! Too bad I have no rhythm, but perhaps a hip hop dance class will help!

She is in for a huge shock

The weather here has been quite nice the past few days. Yesterday, it was sunny and warm! I love the warm weather – to clarify, it was not hot, I was still in pants and a light jacket over my t-shirt (though I had my sleeves rolled up as I was a little warm myself).

When Ruby and I took our 2nd walk of the day, it was probably around 70 degrees with clear, bright skies. She started panting almost immediately, which I thought was a little odd, since we had barely taken 10 steps, but I thought – maybe she is just adjusting to the warmer weather. Or maybe her adenoids were acting up, as everyone knows bully breeds have issues with their adenoids.

Well, we were less than 1/2 done with our half mile walk, and Ruby decided she was done. Tired. Ca-put. She literally stopped and laid down right in the middle of the alley road we were crossing! When I wanted her to get up, she rolled on her back and got all dusty! Grr – I picked her up and put her on her feet and told her we were finishing our walk!


Here she is recovering from the grueling walk.

I am seriously concerned, for when we move to H-town, the height of the summer will be upon us soon! And it is HOT and extremely humid down there all summer. I guess I’ll be getting up at 4am to run (that is literally what people do) and then also to take Ruby for a walk – so that she won’t fall down and die of heat stroke.

Last Night

Last night I went to deLux for a happy hour with the SCAN BYP and VMFA’s Friends of Art. It was a great turn out from both organizations and I got to see a few FOA peeps I knew, so that was a real treat! Lee was cracking me up as she was trying to avoid a guy she had gone out on one date with months ago, and who still calls her! Evidently he is not the brightest bulb.

After hap hour, we (Mandy, her friend, and I) wanted to go to Sticky Rice for some grub (which is across the street from deLux) but they were packed, as they were doing a fundraiser for Ring Dog Rescue (10% of proceeds last night were being donated to RDR).

So Mandy came up with the great idea of going to Edo’s Squid! I haven’t been there in ages, and it is just a restaurant that I never think of going to. Perhaps because their take out arm, 8 1/2, is just a few blocks from us and we usually just do that if we want Italian. It was quite delish. And we didn’t have to wait for a table – got there around 735pm. We basically took the last open table, and after that lots of peeps showed up and they had to wait. I got the eggplant parm (though I think the 8 1/2 version is better, guess I am just more used to it) and we all shared the broccoletta (very garlicky, but tasty!).

Mandy’s gay brother met us at Edo’s and it was great to finally meet him! I have heard so much about it, I feel like I have met him. Very nice – not exactly what I expected. I think since Mandy is pretty tall for a girl, I expected her bro to be taller. Not that he was extremely short or anything…

Anyway, a very nice night out! And I was home and in bed by 10pm! So just perfect for me!


I was thinking how today I washed my hair and I also washed it yesterday, and I will have to wash it Friday for Game Night and Saturday for the Fire Ball, and how 2x in a row twice a week (yesterday / today & Fri / Sat) is prolly a record for me.  Ideally, I would only wash back-to-back once a week on Fri and Sat (the other washing days being Monday and Wed).

While I was having these deep hair washing thoughts, I realized, no, clearly I am not fancy pants, if washing my hair on days back-to-back causes food for thought.  I bet really fancy pants people wash their hair everyday, sometimes more than once a day.

So that kinda relieved me.  I like some fancy pants things, but fancy pants I am not.


Ok, so it is 9:06am EST and I am officially feeling overwhelmed.  With the move.

Should we buy a big house in a fancy pants neighborhood that we can grow into (clearly the shabbiest one would be the only once we can afford!)?  or should we buy in a less fancy pants neighborhood, but knowing that the houses are smaller and we’ll (hopefully) outgrow it in a few years?

Not that I am all that fancy pants, but real estate is all about location location location!  And I do have a fancy pants side that loves designer clothing and purses and shoes and jewelry!  But I feel like I am still rather low key and (hopefully) not in-your-face fancy pants.  As sometimes it is hard to recocille that side with my sporty spice side, artsy / crafty side and my eco-concious side.  It sounds like I have a split personality (and many issues to boot!).  Ugh….

I bet we will be in H-town for at least 5 years.  And a lot can change in 5 years (or they can stay the same – only time will tell).

Blah – sometimes it was easier when someone else made all the decisions….

Good Times

Last night, Ruby and I went over to Court’s for our monthly wine club. It was a really fun time! Especially nice because all day yesterday I didn’t think I had any plans, so a very pleasant surprise. And it was a small group of varied ladies – a good mix, I thought. Some I knew very well (Gretty, Cubby), some not so well (HF, MM) and some getting to know better (Scooter, Court), which is great!

And Ruby got to hang out and play with Charlie, Court’s large lhasa apso, and Blue, MM’s hound dog. I know she had fun, ’cause this morn she was slow to come down the stairs. Got tired out last night! I really like it when I can bring little Rubles with me, and not leave her at home.

We had a random trail of conversations: the fact that Big Head Todd sings “Bittersweet” (not Toad the Wet Sprocket – thanks, dorks), babies, Dancing with the Stars, p0rn, stinky feet, San Diego… and I learned that my dog looks anorexic (or “thin” & “small”, compared to what she used to look like)! “Their lives are so short as it is…” was Gretty’s argument to feed her more. So, this morning, I gave her a full 1/2 cup of food (not heaping, but usually I just give her a scant 1/2 cup of food) along with the usual green peas and a special treat mixed in – a sausage patty left over from Boom this past weekend.

However, the pièce de résistance was

942964_95343.jpg !

We totally rocked out, for a few songs. I liked playing the guitar, but that is b/c we have Guitar Hero and so I was not too shabby. I tried my hand at the drums, but I was not good. It is definitely more fun to play than spectate.

All in all, a very good night! Adds to the bittersweet-ness of our leaving. (However, talks of some peeps doing the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon are continuing, and the party is growing! More on this after confirmation on Saturday)