A Catch

A few days ago Boom and I went to Starbucks before work.  We ran into my friend Stevie, who was there with a friend of hers.  Introductions all around, her friend mentioned that he had seen Boom in Starbucks before, and then Boom and I left.

A couple nights later, Stevie and I went to dinner and she was telling me a little bit about her friend she had coffee with – great guy, married for around 20 years and then came out of the closet.   She mentioned that he was like “let’s get a bunch of us together, and we should invite Tingaling and her cute husband!”

So I was pleased to let Boom know…

“If you ever leave me, at least you know that the gays still find you attractive.”

“Oh great, the 50-year-old gays think I am a catch.”

“Yes, at least you have that.”



One response to “A Catch

  1. Hee hee 🙂

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