For some reason, I have had a bee in my bonnet to make biscotti. I like the biscotti you can get at Starbucks, but it seems a little decadent to me, so I wanted to try making some of my own (I made some a few years back and they were tasty, from what I remember) – just something simple and not too sweet (def no chocolate – as chocolate is best in cookies!).

I used the recipe from “How to Cook Everything” (a cookbook that has come in quite handy – and Boom’s mom gave it to me!) – not many ingredients and very simple, especially with the help of my pink stand mixer!


Here are my two biscotti logs baking in the oven.


Out of the oven (for the first time) and cooling.


After the log cools enough, cut it into biscotti looking portions. Then into the oven to bake again (hence their delicious crunchiness that stands up to dunking!).


The finished products. These are almond biscottis. Unfortunately, they do not really taste like anything. I checked to see if I left out a spice or any ingredient. I didn’t and they blow. So I have found a new recipe on Martha Stewart that I will try tomorrow.


One response to “Biscotti

  1. They look yummy! Remember the Rusks in Africa??

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