I have been making lots of prints at art class (silk screen printing) and so I decided to swap an old print out of mine for a newer one.


And I named it (and the other 6 prints that are exactly the same) “Two Corals”. But I am thinking that coral plural may just be coral (not corals). I haven’t actually researched it yet, as I am afraid that it will confirm that I am an edjeet. I should have given it a more artsy name, like “Touching Fingers” or something along those lines. Next time I will not be quite a literal, and I will also research the plural of the noun I am using!


2 responses to “New

  1. I think it is one of those tweener cases where some go one way and others go another – so I think you are fine. I think for example if you looked in the ocean and there was a feild of one species of coral you would say “look at all that coral.” However, if you looked and saw multiple species and colors you could say “look at all of the different corals out there.”

    Either way the picture is incredible and I love it. You are one talented little las. LY.

  2. When an artist names her art, I don’t think grammatical rules necessarily apply. Beautiful corals!

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