Ratatouille & a Milky Way

Last night I made vegan ratatouille – served over organic polenta. The ratatouille turned out ok – I over peppered it. When I asked Boom if he thought I had over peppered it, he was like “Well, I love the ratatouille, but if you ever make it for a broader audience, perhaps you should lay off the pepper”. What a sweet guy. At least it had lots of veggies (zucchinis, eggplant, red bell pepper, can of tomatoes, chick peas, onions, & garlic)!


I had some issues with the polenta. I have never cooked it (bought the kind that is in a tube) – seemed easy enough, slice, and then fry until golden brown. Well, the first set of polenta rounds that I sliced were paper thin, quite literally. Once Boom got home, and I asked him how big 9/16″ is, I realized I had sliced them much too thin (they needed to be closer to 1/2″ thick). So I cooked up the rest of the polenta, slicing thicker. But they also didn’t really get”golden” brown with frying – just more yellow, but I assumed that meant they were cooked.

img_0283.jpg img_0284.jpg

Raw (?) polenta and then the fried polenta. Got a little bit darker, but I wouldn’t call that “golden” brown.


Final plate of ratatouille over polenta rounds. Not my fav recipe, but definitely worth trying out.

I think I need to make some more chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t really have anything sweet to eat, so I ended up busting into a king size Milky Way that we bought on a long plane ride home from somewhere (Nevis?) and didn’t end up eating, until last night. Boom laughed at me when he saw what I was going to have to dessert, but I was the last one laughing when he came over 30 minutes later to eat the other half of said Milky Way.


One response to “Ratatouille & a Milky Way

  1. It was a 3 Muskateer and I have already won a $1 million bet with Ting on this fact. We were out once and Ting indicated that she was craving the Milkey Way back in our cupboard from the trip. I told her she was crazy that it was a 3 Muskateer and I won said bet upon confirmatory diligence later that day. I would be happy to go double or nothing on said bet and take you for $2 million. I will root through the trash to get the wrapper for you.

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