Texas Indepence


A good time was had by all on Saturday night at our Texas Independence party. Ruby, however, cannot party like she used to. She was hung over and tired all day Sunday – totally worthless 😉

Unfortunately, my Texas shaped cookie cutter did not get here until Saturday, and by then I had already made all the cookies we needed – in cowboy boot and hat shapes.

cookies1.jpg cookies2.jpg bootsiced.jpg hatsiced.jpg

I thought they turned out pretty cute! Not so tasty, as they were from a roll.


Court, Whitey, Tanner and Cubs.


JB, Moi, Gretty and Scooter. (I got a little cold, so hence the vest).


Lauren, Moi & Lizard.


The hostesses…


with the host (in charge of the ice! and icing beer – good job!)

tingjohn.jpg maryboy.jpg Fun times!


So Whitey (in the hat) gets the best costume award! Her jacket is so Brokeback – totally awesome. Clearly it is Jimbo’s jacket, since it is just a few sized too large for Whitey.


Little Ruby gets a close 2nd for Best Costume Award!


And here is a close up my belt buckle – Boom won the buckle a few years ago at some meeting he goes to every year in Houston and we got the actual belt when we were in Jackson Hole, WY.  I love it!!!

shiner.jpg boomtired.jpg

At the end of the night we closed the evening with a Shiner together. Boom is tired. I am tired – I guess we are like Ruby, unable to party like we used to…


2 responses to “Texas Indepence

  1. Good times were had by all. I was hurting the next morning, but would agree that Ruby was by far the worst of the bunch. She crawled off to her bed about halfway through the party and just stared at everyone until her eyes just closed. Full throttle party going on all around her with food and music, but Ruby was DONE!

  2. Looks like a great party, as usual! I love that photo of Rubles, she looks so cute!

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