I am sort of in a quandary.  In some ways, I want to be posting more about personal things that are going on (as opposed to biscotti, interesting as that is) but I am not sure if I (or Boom) am ready for that.  I think if no one I actually knew (besides my sis) was reading this blog, it might be easier to do that.  But I think some people  that I do know occasionally pop on to this site to see what boring thing I am up to next… so that makes it hard.

I guess I could try to “mask” what I am talking about, but that would get old, I suspect.  And I am not exactly sure how I could go about doing that… So I am doing X for my condition Y – it would make no sense to anyone except Boom and I.

One of my favorite bloggers, Heather B. Armstrong of dooce.com, just puts it all out there.  Which is great.  (and helps that she is a good blogger, funny and easy to read)  I guess I am proving to myself right now that I am not ready to have everything that is going on up in blogland.

Sooooooooo, be on the look out for my updated biscotti recipe review.


2 responses to “Quandray

  1. I totally understand and can relate. I’m in the same situation myself. Sometimes, I toy with the idea of creating a completely anonymous blog and tell no one about it.

    Do what feels right to you. If you don’t feel like sharing your personal business, then don’t. Maybe keep a written journal for some of those thoughts, if it helps to get it out.

  2. I understand where you are coming from. I think as you blog more you may feel more comfortable with what you reveal. I mainly just love being able to see what you are doing day to day – like you are not so far away 🙂

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