Banana Walnut Biscotti

I used the Martha Stewart Cranberry – Pistachio recipe and altered it like the first commentator suggested, with 3 ripe bananas and about a cup of chopped walnuts.


Much better than the last batch – and I used up 3 bananas I had frozen a while ago, with the thought that I would make banana bread with them. Clearly that didn’t happen, so I am glad I used those bananas up!

I think I made my logs to big and wide, as I ended up with some monster biscotti pieces. Oh well, live and learn! I will say the (frozen) bananas made the dough much stickier, so it was harder to deal with than should have been.

[and it took 3 eggs, as well as some butter – my vegan baking is not coming along as I would have hoped – sigh.  But butter and eggs are hard to replace in baked goods.  I do have some vegan margarine that I should try in some recipes…  next time…]


4 responses to “Banana Walnut Biscotti

  1. That is some mean looking biscotti. I just hope there is a sliver left when I get back to the house. You and Ruby have a way of making it through sweet treats in relatively quick order. By the time I walk in the door there are usually just some stray crumbs on the counter and my two best gals out cold with food comas in their respective couches. I guess some body has to work for the bread fund solving the world’s complicated moxley-oxley issues – right tingaling?

  2. This looks yummy! You are such the homemake Ting! So proud 🙂

  3. So tonight I was in Houston for a work event that involved heading out to Reliant Stadium for the Rodeo. YEEEHAAW. Unfortunatley I have only one set of jeans and they are designer and pretty loose fit so I was somewhat out of the element with all the cowboys in their ass-hugging wranglers. The event was aright in general. It was a scotch tasting event and there were 12 different selections to chose from. My firm was a sponsor so I had to work one of the scotch booths and thus did not get to taste all of the options. Supposedly or as tingaling would say supposebly we had the best of the bunch. it was called somehting line Lapgraith, which no one knew how to pronounce correctly, so I was touting it to all that walked by as a free “Lap Dance.” The marketing was clearly ingeneous as we had more takers for the “Lap Dance” than all of the other scotch varieties by far. Anyhow, ours was a single malt, with a heavy peat, that came from the Ilsay region of Scottland. Transaltion for that is it tasted like someone ground a cigar down to ash and then fermented it in lighter fluid. People would come up and ask “well how does it taste” and I would tell them “It is really an pure unfettered example of early scottish efforts that can only be appreciated by a truly refined pallate.” They would say “excuse me”. I would respond “it tastes like someone soaked an old cigar in maple syrup – just drink it already and get out of my face!”

    Anyhow – after the scotch tasting the big event occured with the concert. When I came 2 years ago it was George Strait. I am not a huge fan, but at least I know who he is. This year it was Keith opr Kevin Fowler!?!?. Who in h-e-double hockey sticks is that? People were like I really like him – he reminds me of a young garth brooks. I told them he reminded me of an old Billy Ray Cyrus hopped up on crack. He sang cover songs the entire time to the sold out stadium. JHC/WTF – I could get up there and sing a bunch of cover country songs and come off aright. Basically just talk the words instead of sing them and talk about how you were drunk the day your dog bit your grandmammy. How the h hard is that.

    Anyhow – I miss you tingaling and am sorry you couldn’t come to the rodeo with me tonight. There were a lot of meat products available for consumption and not much in the way of vegan fare.

    Yarbadarb – sorry I will miss you and Joey K on this trip. I had this event tonight and then have meetings in the morning to discuss how cool calf roping is and how much I love Kevin/Keith Fowler.

    Tomorrow I fly back to the big RIC to see my lady and her sidekick/partner in crime “Ruby.”

    Later – BB

  4. Tinger – please buy BB some wranglers asap stat!!!

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