One of the things I am trying to do with my silk screening is print on fabric. So, with my coral, here is one of my textile prints:


There are 2 prints of my coral on the purple fabric – the reddish orange is beneath the gold. I thought this was ok, but that it needed something more…

So I combo’ed my love of needlework (I sound like I am 100 yrs old!) & silk screen printing and embroidered around the reddish coral:


I really love it now! The off-white embroidery gives the reddish coral some definition and makes it pop. It also gives more depth to the entire piece. It took me a few nights in front of the TV, so not too bad.

I may make a pillow out of it, or not – I am not sure. If I make a pillow, I’ll need to add fabric around the edges to make it large enough to fit a standard pillow form. And when I was thinking about that last night, I realized the edge fabric would have to be selected very carefully – can’t be too bright / light or else it will take away from the design. Can’t be too dark or the entire pillow will be a goth-like pillow. So we’ll see… for now, I am just enjoying my multi-media creation.


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